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Tamale & Kumasi

how it began...

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Back in 1998 we met Pastor John for the first time and were inspired by his commitment to helping the poor of northern Ghana who had travelled further south to find employment. Many young women became destitute, finding that life in the cities was tougher than expected.

Since 2001, when Project Cornerstone was registered as a charity, we have sought to help Pastor John to realise his vision, through a registered Ghanaian charity, to provide an education and a future for children and young women from the northern tribes of Ghana.

Over the years we have been involved in a number of projects and are proud of the achievements of our Ghanaian partners who have helped so many individuals through their efforts. We are particularly pleased when we are able to hand successfully established projects over to local people to run and sustain independently. We class it as a success when we can withdraw our financial support.

Vocational Training, Tamale

The Judah Mahama Training Centre*, Tamale, in northern Ghana is a purpose built centre, where up to 45 girls and young women live as an extended family. The students have all grown up in poverty and many have experienced personal hardship and tragedy. Over the course of at least two years, the girls learn to tailor clothes on hand operated sewing machines, as well as being taught to read and write. They also learn traditional tie dye and batik printing techniques. By the end of their training the young women are equipped to print fabrics and create new outfits, and have the skills to run their own business.

The graduation day is a celebration of the young women’s achievements – both in terms of what they have learnt through education and training terms but also in how they have developed as people. The girls who started the training programme are now confident mature young women who can now realise their hopes and dreams of a better future. At the graduation ceremony, the whole community, including local dignitaries gather to celebrate the achievements of our graduates and their teachers.

* named after Pastor John’s eldest son who sadly died from malaria as a child.

Agape Academy, Kumasi

Agape Academy has steadily grown over the last few years and now educates 200 primary aged pupils. In partnership with Yurilim Assemblies of God Church, Project Cornerstone supports the school, which serves the children from neighbouring shanty towns who would otherwise be unlikely to access an education. Each day, minibuses transport the children to school, where, in addition to lessons, each child receives a nutritious meal. 

This vibrant school has six classes, starting with nursery aged children. Teaching follows the national curriculum of Ghana and has received positive reports regarding the standard of the teaching provide. We are also pleased to be able to support the training of a number of the teachers at the school, helping the adults to develop and grow just as the children do.

As established projects mature, other local needs surface and Pastor John and his team begin to look at how best to help the people involved. In partnership, Project Cornerstone follows this cycle of resourcing Pastor John, enabling him to fulfil his vision, when and where finances allow.

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