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crisis fund

How it began...

In 2007, Adam and Lydia Daubney were on the island of Phuket, Thailand where they met Roelien Muller, Director of Asia Center Foundation (ACF). ACF is a Non-Government Organization (NGO) on Phuket, Thailand, which provides education opportunities to disadvantaged and at-risk Thai and Burmese migrant children.

ACF manages different projects addressing the needs of children focusing on education, child protection, life-skill development, and community outreach. 

ACF also runs a 'Safe house' administered by a Thai house parent couple who provide a safe family environment, emotional support, guidance and structure for children who need it most. All expenses including house rental, meals, clothing, scholastic expenses, medical treatments, transportation, recreational activities and salaries of house parents are provided by Asia Center Foundation with the help of donations.

On returning to England, Adam and Lydia started to raise funds in support of ACF. Funds raised through Project Cornerstone primarily help with the running of a healthcare project, in addition to providing a fund that families could access in times of crisis. Adam is ACF's 'Ambassador of Hope' in the UK.

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Crisis fund, Phuket, Thailand

The Crisis Fund aims to protect children from harm and distress by helping their parents or guardians in times of crisis. The fund aims to meet urgent needs such as:

  • lack of food

  • emergency accommodation

  • emergency repairs 

  • unexpected bills that if left unpaid would threaten the wellbeing of a child

In order to deliver the fund we partner with Asia Center Foundation - a Christian charity on the island of Phuket, which helps disadvantaged and at-risk children.


In 2017 ACF started to provide basic healthcare to children and families directly connected to the various programs managed in the community. 

Most of the care takers of the children attending ACF’s projects are grandparents and they have medical issues that sometimes cannot be addressed due to having to take care of their grand children.

A local nurse was employed to visit ACF families at home and provide general healthcare assistance. This includes checking validity of medicine and if people are taking medicine correctly, hygiene teaching as well as basic health checks such as blood pressure and sugar levels.


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